We TRIED Viral STREET FOOD TRICKS - HIT or FLOP ? *Mummy ki Tips*

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  1. Fatemi Soul

    Fatemi Soul

    If You love your Glam Family Then Pin My Comment 🥺❤ Lots Of Love From India Hyderabad ❤

  2. bhat taeba

    bhat taeba

    The starting savage reaply from himanshi di was epic😅😂😂😂

  3. Nandini Thawani

    Nandini Thawani

    Amazing vlog ❤

  4. princess fofo

    princess fofo

    I had so much fun while watching your vlogs😁😄😃

  5. Neha 👑

    Neha 👑

    Amazing vlog ❤️

  6. Akshat Ramawat

    Akshat Ramawat

    Every 2nd Day Waiting For Your Vlog Eagerly Thank You For Making Our Day Enjoyable Love You Glam Couple 🤗♥🙏♥🤗

  7. S R

    S R

    Street food are always love💕.....

  8. Disha Dureja

    Disha Dureja

    Amazing vlog ❤️

  9. dhruv chanda

    dhruv chanda

    Love the way himanshi drop a savage reply to rishi bhai😂😂😂😂

  10. priya raghav

    priya raghav

    You both are the best couple I have ever seen... May god bless you and always make you to stay happy 😁..

  11. Gorala Ravi

    Gorala Ravi

    Family like this everyone dream of 😌

  12. Deeksha Rathor

    Deeksha Rathor

    Pls make more videos with monu and itti, ☺☺ I really enjoyed you all together, there is so much of comedy and fun

  13. Ram Kirpal

    Ram Kirpal

    Amazing hacks the editing is next level by himanshi dii 🥰

  14. royal khan

    royal khan

    Amazing channel, amazing vlog by amazing people (Himanshi di & Rishi jiju..🥰

  15. Shalu Kumari

    Shalu Kumari

    Wow my fab OREO-ICECREAM looks yum 😋 , himanshi you rock girl lots of love❤

  16. Mehwish Zahra

    Mehwish Zahra

    Keep entertaining us 😍 Oreo ice cream 👍🏻

  17. Prerna Meshram

    Prerna Meshram

    You guys always Rock 🫶

  18. Love yourself 🖤

    Love yourself 🖤

    you both are fabulous and lovely 😊❤️

  19. Andleeb Rehman

    Andleeb Rehman14 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    You mum is lovely , I love to watch her .

  20. Nikhil Chauhan

    Nikhil Chauhan

    This video was also very nice and funny 😂, this family is unbeatable on you tube. Really love you all 💕. Stay blessed with good health and wealth ☺️. Mera Naam phir rh gya.... please lijiye n😌