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  1. Areesha Fatima

    Areesha Fatima

    This was just so on point 😂 Rishi , you did a fab job in this prank. Himanshi, revenge to bnta h 😂

  2. dazz


    One of the most awaited prank ! 😂

  3. Heena Parnani

    Heena Parnani

    This was a good one yet a risky one! 😂 Himanshi's patience level ! 👏🏻💯

  4. Anisha Agarwal

    Anisha Agarwal

    OMG!! this is the best prank video I have even watched 😂🔥like seriously 😳 u rocked it all Rishi 😝 loved it ❤️

  5. Diya


    One of the best pranks of Rishi 😳💀

  6. Dhruv Duggal

    Dhruv Duggal

    Super prank, unlike staged ones, especially due to genuine reactions of Himanshi. Would definitely like to see more ♥️

  7. Aatefa Jahan

    Aatefa Jahan

    This was the best blog ever... Loved it.... Himanshi ka reaction was soo good..... Rishi we want more pranks from you. Amazing acting ✨✨✨

  8. Manali Surana

    Manali Surana

    first time saw himanshi's angry look, quite dangerous and justified

  9. Llkgg Igcyc

    Llkgg Igcyc

    Laughing is always constant throughout the videos😂

  10. Akshat Ramawat

    Akshat Ramawat

    Every 2nd Day Waiting For Your Vlog Eagerly Thank You For Making Our Day Enjoyable Love You Glam Couple 🤗♥🙏♥🤗

  11. Pratibha Sharma

    Pratibha Sharma

    She was so relaxed when you revealed that it was a prank❤

  12. saloni tyagi

    saloni tyagi

    Haha damn too good Rishi and himanshi's expressions 😂.

  13. Kavita Maheshwari

    Kavita Maheshwari

    No one , literally no one can bear this not in prank even 🤪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. shilpa tambde

    shilpa tambde

    She was almost in tears😭😭😭 loved the prank. But would never want ma hubby to do d same😂😂😂

  15. Sumaiya Khan

    Sumaiya Khan

    Zabardast prank..i was just laughing till video ends🤣🤣🤣himanshi ki shakal dekhne wali thi zabardast 🤣🤣prank wale videos please zyada banaoo




  17. Saloni Singh♡

    Saloni Singh♡

    Omg omg omg i love this prank

  18. Sweety Mukherjee

    Sweety Mukherjee

    I m continuously laughing to see ths video. Koi itna innocent cute kaise ho sakta hein.😍😍😂😂 Himanshi,, just love her🌼

  19. WRU !

    WRU !

    OP prank 🤣 reaction next level 🤣

  20. Aastha Tewari

    Aastha Tewari

    U guys are the only one whose pranks are real.... Others just preplan it.. Lov u guyzz🥰😇