Ab Ham BUA KE SATH RAHENGE *Monu se Ladai ho Gayi*

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  1. Nisha's Creation

    Nisha's Creation

    Sbse funny h monu jis v vlog m rehta h maja aa jata h😂

  2. prakrati joshi

    prakrati joshi

    Monu is damn funny...his sense of humour is great...he really makes everyone laugh...i personally want to see iti and monu as vloggers

  3. Shalu Kumari

    Shalu Kumari

    I have also heard the name of these five fruits for the first time,

  4. Gorala Ravi

    Gorala Ravi

    Best part is your family is always gives us positive vibes .



    This man always tries to do something new and exta ordinary and make his audience feel excited for every next video, Love you bro❤️💙

  6. Priyankee Vaidya

    Priyankee Vaidya

    It's always nice to see you all getting together.

  7. Akshat Ramawat

    Akshat Ramawat

    Every 2nd Day Waiting For Your Vlog Eagerly Thank You For Making Our Day Enjoyable Love You Glam Couple 🤗♥🙏♥🤗

  8. Manya Sharma

    Manya Sharma

    Monu bhaiya is perfect for stand up comedy 😂❤👻

  9. shiwani Choudhary

    shiwani Choudhary

    Monu is just 😂😂😂awesome... Try to vlog max.with him n Iti ❤

  10. Sweni Patel

    Sweni Patel

    Monu Bhaiya’s wifeee issss so pretty and she so simple she is down to earth ❤️

  11. The Moonshine Girl 🌈

    The Moonshine Girl 🌈

    This family is really adorable 😍

  12. Priya Johari

    Priya Johari

    Sara is so cute 😘😘 amazing vlog as always ❤❤

  13. Nikhil Chauhan

    Nikhil Chauhan

    Monu bhai is very funny and cool as well 🤗, best part was nawazuddin sir's dialogue....dar nhi lagta tere ko 😂. Always love you both ❤️.

  14. Mansi Gupta

    Mansi Gupta

    Omg , i am also from fzd so more excitement to see this vlog because of fvrt couple (monu iti nd himanshu rishi) and my place🥰 u know what on 9june 2022 my my brother's engagement will be in kohinoor place nd I'll come , hope mai iti di or monu bhaiya se mil pau🥺❤

  15. priya sharma

    priya sharma

    Iti is soooo gorgeous 🥰 poore vlog me i love to watching iti💕

  16. Anu Pugalia

    Anu Pugalia

    As always,What a beautiful family blog. You are all looking so beautiful and lovely together. Beautiful home, yummy food and having fun time you all together. All the very best from USA 🇺🇸 👍👍

  17. princess fofo

    princess fofo

    This is my favourite channel.☺️😊😍 I especially like it😉 when you both explain everything so nicely. And funny 😁

  18. Astha Singh

    Astha Singh

    Wonderful vlog...bht maja aya...sara is so cute ❤️...Monu bhai Always rocks ,,uss taraf pani hai ar idhr sukha hai to hum yha aagye 😂😂😂😂👍😂 Ayodhya is really very beautiful place...i also luv ayodhya ❤️luv u guys ur vlogs are seriously a stress buster 👍keep growing

  19. Wardah Haider Wardah Haider

    Wardah Haider Wardah Haider

    Monu is sooo sweet ❤❤actually all of your family soo sweet. I really enjoyed this vlog ❤❤❤

  20. Arti Kashyap

    Arti Kashyap

    Love your vlogs ...🥰 and also you both are the perfect couple..